Rebecca, Eric and Jake

Jake shows Nana how old he is


A surprise visit from Uncle Ryan

Cousins Karly, Lauren and Kara

Cousin Debbie says "Come walk to me, birthday boy!"

Cousins Jackie, Jon and baby Rachel

This is Jake's fairy Godmother Allisyn, with Jason

Dave the musician gets silly

More cameras at this party than the Oscars

Cousins Marilyn and Emily remember the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Julia and her mom Marni


Asher and Sammi

Time for dessert!

...and Cupcakes for all

Can't forget Dad's birthday!

Cousins Mark and Noah

Uncle Kenny and Grandpa

read the nametags...

A proud Grandma (r) and her dear friend Diane (l)

Cousin Abby (r) makes sure cousin Courtney (l) doesn't fly away

Mom and Aunt Jen show Jake a special sign

Cousin Debbie and Mom pose with the birthday boy

the next ringo starr?

Nana waves goodbye

Jake blows kisses goodbye

Aunt Jen wonders whether she gets a goody bag...

a fun ending to a fun day...opening the presents!