Getting into the Olympathon spirit





Max in Year 1


The Miklers (Annika's family)


RBOOSH hangin' out


Another Yankee fan!


Class KF enters


Jake waves his Spanish flag


Lara, Derin and Daniel


Principal Brian Harris reads a letter from Beijing


Mr. Olympathon enters in style



Ms. Murray (Phys Ed teacher) starts the games





Jake dancing


KF lines up for the Equipment Obstacle Course


Our fabulous class parent Lauraine! (Matthew's mum)


Lauraine explains the activity to the class


Tom G.


Kayla, Alina and Tom B.











Miss Katrina Fock, KF's amazing teacher, and namesake


Orange break!





Conall and Jake


Derin, Kayla, Alina and Isaac



Mr. Olympathon talks to KF


Anne (Michael's mum), Pip (Tom B.) and Anne (Christopher)


Miss Fock gives the thumbs up!


Kim (Lara's mum) and Joanne (Derin)


Rebecca (me!) and Jake


Isaac gets his groove on

Sweet Tom B.



Maestro of KS, Ms. Danyael Smith


KF masters the Aerobics activity

KF mums aerobicize!


Happy Jake


Sad Jake


Mrs. Dooner


Mrs. Bateman with Anne (Christopher) and the twins


Miss Fock leads the class


Justin (Saskia and Tawny's dad)


Oliver wants to play!


Irene (Eleni's mum)


The lovely Ms. Denise Guray


Padraic and Conall


Olympathon is officially closed!