The Wiggles are: Anthony, Jeff,


...and Murray.

The Wiggles meet Jake and check him out...

"Wiggles, meet the Nana..."

"Nana, we've heard so much about you!"

A very Wiggly photo op.

Rebecca asks the group if they'll play Jake's 2nd Birthday party.

They'd love to!

But only if she pays for their private jet from Australia. 

Jake can't believe his eyes and wonders if he's dreaming...

"Nana, I'm getting too old for these shows..."

Nana and her other Big Red Car

This is Wags the Dog,

and Captain Feathersword.

The Wiggles sing, "Where's Jeff?"

As Jake ponders where Jeff may be...

He spots him in the mezzanine!

We found him!

Nana and Jake meet Jeff once again

"We found Jeff!"

Jeff asks for Rebecca's number before he heads back onstage.

A tender moment

Jake missed his nap...and exhaustion sets in.

Can pirates fly?

Apparently yes!

Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, and Henry the Octopus

The kids love 'em!

Ben is our favorite backup dancer.  He ROCKS!

Jeff takes a bow.

The performers thank the audience.

Inspired by The Wiggles, Jake immediately takes up keyboard lessons.

Practice, practice, practice...

See ya next time!

Buh-bye Wiggles